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Atukulu / Poha Laddoo / Energy Balls with Flattened Rice Flakes

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Recipe Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena

Preptime:5 mins   CookTime:10 mins   Cuisine:Indian

Atukulu / Poha laddoo recipe I am sharing below is one such instant dessert recipe, that can be made in a jiffy and needs just 3 main ingredients.

Traditionally speaking, Flattened Rice Flakes / Atukulu / Poha is used as Breakfast Cereal in ancient India. Many breakfast recipes are also associated with it.

Health Benefits of Poha / Flattened Rice Flakes

Its widely used because of its tremendous all in one health benefits, like, gluten free, rich in iron, vitamin B, carbohydrates and protein. 

As these flakes are rice based, it is a very good source of instant energy. Just put it in hot water for 2-3 mins, drain and add some salt,pepper/sugar, makes an excellent instant food when you are feeling sick / lazy.

These, Atukulu / Poha laddoo are compulsorily made as an offering for Sri Krishnashtami (Birth festival Indian God Sri Krishna) as Atukulu / Poha are considered as the Lord’s favourite food item.

Before starting to cook, don’t forget to see the Tips mentioned in the end.

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Atukulu / Poha Laddoo served on auspicious mango leaves during festivals


  • Flattened Rice Flakes / Poha / Atukulu – 1 cup
  • Chopped Nuts / Dry Fruits –  ¼ cup
  • Sugar / Grated Jaggery – ¾ cup
  • Homemade Ghee / Melted Butter – ¼ to ½ cup
  • Cardamom/Elaichi –  3

Special Ingredients:

  • Homemade Ghee / Melted Butter

Step wise pics Procedure:

  • Take a heavy bottomed pan/vessel, put it in stove top under low flame.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of ghee/butter into the pan and fry all the chopped nuts / dry fruits until they turn golden colour.
  • Take them separately into a wide plate / mixing bowl.
  • Into the same pan, add the poha / atukulu / rice flakes.
  • Dry roast until you get a pleasant aroma and the rice flakes / poha turn very crispy. 
  • Switch off the flame and let them cool completely.
  • In a blender/mixer, finely powder the sugar & cardamoms together and transfer into the same mixing bowl as the dry fruits / nuts.
  • Now, take the rice flakes / poha into the blender, finely powder and transfer it to the same mixing bowl.#
  • Using a dry spoon combine all the dry items in the mixing bowl.

    Finely powdered powders and dry fruits taken in a mixing bowl
  • Warm the ghee/butter, and start pouring the warm ghee into the mixing bowl slowly with a tablespoon.
  • Combine the mix thoroughly with the ghee, using your hands and shape the laddoos/balls as you pour the ghee/butter for enough consistency of getting a ball.
  • Arrange the shaped laddoos / balls in a wide plate /  sheet for them to dry. Done!! 


  • Vegans, can use coconut oil in the place of ghee / butter.
  • Keep stirring continuously while roasting, so that you dont burn the rice flakes / poha.
  • Be generous while using the ghee/butter in making the laddoos/balls.
  • You can use half & half sugar & jaggery as well. I used only white sugar to get the white colour for the laddoos. 
  • Serve the laddoos soon as you shape them but you can even dry them for 20 mins.
  • Store them in an air-tight container for longer shelf life.
  • These stay good upto a 7-10 days at room temperature, and upto a month when refrigerated.


  • These laddoos tasted more similar to Rava Laddoo, but this is perfectly Gluten free.
  • Personally, I  love these soft-soft, guilt free white laddoos.

    Atukulu / Poha Laddoo served on auspicious mango leaves during festivals

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  1. OMG your recipes solved my problem. I have now a few healthy ideas for my kids lunch box. And I can choose not to add nuts for school snacks. On top of that, these are very easy recipes. I am looking for wheat free and egg free have quite different choices. Love it . Thanks.

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