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Bhojanam / Thali / Platter # 13

North Indian style simple meal platter / thali, can be made on stove top / in an Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker.
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Recipe Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena

PrepTime:20 mins   CookTime:30 mins   Cuisine:Indian

After getting used to the Instant Pot, this is the first meal platter I made using it thoroughly. And its a North Indian Vegetarian Thali, the first platter in my list. Poori & Chole / Chana Masala is an ultimate combo. Don’t miss the tips & plan I followed to make this platter within min time. This platter has:

Sides: 1) Chana Masala Curry / Chole / Vegan Chickpea Stew 2) Tomato Raita / Tomato Yogurt Dip Main: 1) Jeera Pulao / Cumin Rice  2) Poori / Indian Flat Bread (fried)  Condiment: 1) Lemon Wedge  2) Handful of chopped onions 3) Green Chilly 4) Tomato Slices  Dessert: None

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Bhojanam / Thali / North Indian Meal Platter

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Click each link below for its recipe with step wise pics & tips

Bhojanam / Thali / North Indian Meal Platter

Click each link below for its recipe with step wise pics & tips


I planned this meal the previous night itself. So, soaked the chickpeas overnight. But made the curry for next morning, brunch.

I made the Chickpea Stew / Chana Curry and Jeera Pulao / Cumin Rice in Instant Pot. I have only 1 Instant Pot. So made enough quantity for all, within same time. The prep time of 20 mins is mainly for soaking the rice to make Jeera pulao / Cumin rice. There is not much of chopping needed here except for onions. 

At first, I soaked the rice for Jeera Pulao as per my recipe. In the mean while made all the prep work for the Rice, Chana Masala. And prepared the Tomato Raita, dough for Poori.

Next, I made the Jeera Pulao first in the Instant Pot. Once done, emptied the pot, and started off with the Chana Masala in the same pot. While its ON, I finished frying the flat breads / poori. 

I made the dough for poori / fried flat bread using my food processor within 3 mins.  Rolling & Frying them takes 10 mins.

All items made simultaneously but attentively.🙂 Multi-tasking and using all gadgets available is the key.

Bhojanam / Thali / North Indian Meal Platter
Bhojanam / Thali / North Indian Meal Platter

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