Little About Me!!!

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Hi there!! 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by!! 

Let me give a quick intro about myself. My name is Shakthi Praveena. I am a very homely kind of a person , and for me “My family is My world”.  I was born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh, South India, in a strict vegetarian family. Vegetarian, where we do not add onion, garlic, eggs in any recipes. 
My major inspiration definitely is my beloved Mother who is an efficient, unbeatable and an excellent cook herself.  My Mother ~ My Masterchef !  🙂  Ever since I showed keen interest in cooking my affectionate siblings used to encourage me and give a pat on my back after tasting all the cooking experiments I made. With no other option, they had to bear with me!! This was the scene before my marriage. 🙂
After my marriage, my loving husband, was my only target of my new cooking experiments! hahaha…. But, he always appreciated me, for every new recipe I prepared. I have made it a point to include, the cooking tips & tricks that I have learnt, not just through my experience.
I worked as an IT professional for 10 yrs, later quit my job during my 3rd pregnancy, to become a Stay at Home Mom, for the sake of my 3 kids.

I started this blog, with the MAJOR encouragement from my 3 darling children and support from my husband. They were so keen for me to start this. With this blog as a medium, I would sincerely like to bring to you, “Healthy Vegetarian & Vegan Indian Recipes – My kitchen to yours!!”

Above of all this, I sincerely thank the lotus feet of my God / Sadguru, for giving me this opportunity, and for guiding me spiritually.

I wish and hope you would like, try and enjoy my recipes! 

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Happy Cooking and Baking!! Hope to see you soon for recipes on my blog!

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