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Kids Lunch Boxes…I pack lunch boxes for my 3 children everyday, with freshly, homemade meals. Henceforth, I shall share few of them that I packed on different days. This box which I pack, is only for lunch. Not for snack time / break time.

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We started using these steel lunch boxes since past 3 or 4 years.You can find similar model in Amazon if you wish to buy one.Search for : Stainless Steel Ecolunchbox Three-In-One (Bento Style Lunchbox) shown below.

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Till date, this page has 24 lunch boxes that I packed on different days!

  1. In this lunch box, one side I packed long slices of fresh mango fruit. On the other side I packed Sweet Corn Rice, which is full of carbs & protein, & does not need any major prep. (Recipe link⇒ Sweet Corn & Cashew Rice ). I made it early morning with leftover rice. But did not add any cashew nuts. I gave tips, for making this rice recipe, Wfpb / without oil.
    Carbs & Protein Rich ‘Sweet Corn Rice’ and slices of fresh Mango fruit.
  2. Lunch box below has, On the right it has Musk Melon pieces & on the left a quick tummy filling Spiced Baby Potatoes (Recipe link⇒  Coriander Baby Potatoes ). I pressure cooked the baby potatoes within 5 mins, and then spiced it up. I cut the musk melon the previous night and stored it in fridge.The top layer has green raisins / dry kishmish.
    Coriander Baby Potatoes on the left, pieces of musk melon on the right and dry kishmish / green raisins on the top.
  3. Below box has, ‘make your own tacos’ type of lunch. On the left it has Avocado & Mango salsa & on the right homemade whole wheat tortillas (Recipe link⇒ Avocado – Mango Salsa & Tacos ( No Oil)). I prepared the tortillas previous night, wrapped them in kitchen towel and stored in air-tight container. But made the salsa in the morning. The top layer has whole wheat dry cereal.
    Make your own tacos type lunch box, with Avocado-Mango Salsa on the left, whole wheat tortillas on the right, whole wheat dry cereal on the top.
  4. In this lunch box, I have packed non-fried savoury lentil balls, called as Ponganalu / Appe / Paniyaram, filled with veggies. (Recipe link⇒ Vada Ponganalu / NonFried Lentil Fritters). I prepared the batter previous night, but made the ponganaalu / lentil balls in the morning within 15 mins for 3 boxes.Fresh lettuce leaves as salad,and strawberries for fruit. Also gave, Tomato ketchup sachet as a dip.
    Non-fried savoury lentil balls / ponganalu filled with veggies on the left side with tomato ketchup sachet as dip. Fresh strawberries for fruit and Lettuce leaves for salad.
  5. Here I have packed, Segments of Mandarin Orange on the right. Cherry-Banana Cake slice for dessert.(Recipe Link⇒ Cherry-Banana Bread (Eggless)). Whole Ragi Idlis / Finger Millets Steamed Patties (Recipe Link⇒ Whole Ragi Idli ) on the left side. Topped with chutney powder (Recipe Link⇒ Menthaku / Methi Leaves Chutney Powder). I prepared the idli batter previous night, but steamed the idli(s) in the morning.
    Whole Ragi Idli / Finger Millets Steamed Patties topped with methi podi / fenugreek leaves chutney powder. Mandarin Orange segments on the right. Cherry-Banana Cake slice for dessert.
  6. Here, I have packed, Black-eyed beans nuggets (Recipe Link⇒ Black-eyed beans Nuggets / Alasanda Vada (Air-Fryer & Stove-top)) as main. Tomato sauce as condiment. Mixed Green Salad topped with roasted sesame seeds powder. Diced Pineapple & Red Currant Strings for fruit. I made the batter for nuggets the previous night, but fried them in the morning.
    Black-eyed beans nuggets / alasanda vada as main. Mixed Green Salad topped with tossed sesame seeds powder. Diced Pineapple & Red Currant strings for fruit.
  7. This lunch box, has strawberry pieces on a bed of romaine lettuce. Herbed croutons on the top side. Right side are Grilled sandwiches made with whole meal seeded bread. (Recipe link⇒  Sweet Potato & Spring Onion Sandwich ). Made the stuffing, the before night and stored it in an air-tight container in fridge. Made the sandwiches using sandwich maker, in the morning. I let them cool a bit and then packed.
    Grilled Whole Wheat Sandwich with a filling made of sweet potato & spring onions. Strawberry pieces on a bed of lettuce. And herbed croutons.
  8. Here I packed,  Apple wedges for fruit. Steamed white rice mixed with, Potato & Red Capsicum stir fry. (Recipe link⇒ Potato-Capsicum Dry Curry / Aloo-Shimla Mirchi Sukhi Sabzi ). Also has homemade spicy trail mix (Recipe link⇒ Spicy Cereal Trail Mix /Oil Free Snack in 5 mins / Spicy Cereal Mixture ). I cooked the rice in pressure cooker within 10 mins. Made the curry in small quantity. Then mixed them both. Excluded nuts in the trail mix as my kids go to a nut-free school.
    Potato-Red Capsicum curried steamed white rice as Main. Fresh Apple wedges for fruit and Spicy cereal trail mix as side. Lollipop as a treat.
  9. This lunch box has pieces of Pear fruit on the right. On left side, Instant Idli / Steamed Patties made instantly with NO soaking, NO grinding, NO fermentation batter. (Recipe Link⇒ Instant Rava Idli / Steamed Semolina Patties ). I made the batter previous night, but steamed idli(s) in the morning. Chutney Recipe Link⇒  Coconut & Almond Chutney / Kobbari & Badam Pachadi
    Instant Rava Idli / Semolina Steamed Patties with cococnut chutney as condiment. Pear fruit pieces on the right.
  10. In this lunch box below, I had packed Grilled whole wheat bread sandwiches made with Protein rich Chickpeas sprouts. (Recipe LinkChana / Chickpea Sprouts & Basil Sandwich ). I made the stuffing for the sandwiches, the before night and stored in fridge. In the morning, I grilled the sandwiches using sandwich maker. Fruit pieces are pineapple, green apple and whole strawberries.
    Grilled Whole Wheat Sandwich made with chickpea sprouts & potato filling. Fruit pieces on the right.
  11. This lunch box has,Tomato Raita (Recipe Link⇒  Tomato Raita / Tomato-Yogurt Dip) as a Dip for ‘Cheese Stuffed Roti / Tortilla ( Recipe Link⇒ Roti / Tortilla with Beeroot Greens & Stalk ) . I prepared the dough the previous night, made the roti / tortilla the next day morning. Added cheese over the roti/tortilla , folded & then cut.  Or else, You can make the roti / tortilla, wrap them with cling film, store them in the freezer, re-heat and serve.
    Cheese stuffed tortilla / roti made ONLY with beetroot greens & stalk , with tomato raita / dip as a condiment. Slices of Carrot & Cucumber.
  12. Here, I packed Pav-Bhaji ( Recipe link⇒ Pav – Bhaji) which I prepared for our dinner the previous night. The next morning, I packed the same bhaji (curry). Just smeared lots of butter on dinner rolls / pav and pan fried them. This is perfectly enough for kids lunch as per cals and nutrition. You can add a fruit too.
    Pav (buns) smeared with butter accompanied with Bhaji (curry).
  13. Here I made mini triangle shaped sandwiches, using seeded whole meal bread filled with butter & jam. The other side is salad with Red Kidney Beans and Sweet Corn. (Recipe link⇒ Sprouted Red Beans – Potato Salad / Chat )
    Red Kidney Beans / Rajma Salad on the left. and Jam sandwiches made with Whole wheat bread.
  14. In this lunch box, one side I packed fresh green grapes. On the other side I packed Sweetened Lentil Rice. I made it early morning with leftover rice. But did not add any nuts.(Recipe link⇒ Chakkera Pongali / Sweetened Rice)
    Lentil based Sweetened Rice along with fresh green grapes.
  15. Here I packed, Orange segments for fruit. Steamed white rice mixed with Okra/Bhindi Stir fry. (Recipe link⇒ Bendakaya Thalimpu / Bhindi Tadka/ Okra Stir Fry) . I cooked both rice and curry separately. Also has mini sandwiches with seeded whole wheat bread slice, smeared with butter, tomato sauce and cucumber pieces.
    Simple sandwiches with butter & cucumber pieces. Orange segments. Okra Curried Rice as main.
  16. In this lunch box, I have packed tiny pieces of watermelon and Veggie Wraps. I did not add cheese, as the wrap might turn gooey by lunch time. So check how I made them using this Recipe Link⇒  Curried Green Wrap / Indian Curry Wrap.
    Curried green wraps for main accompanied with watermelon pieces for fruit.
  17. Here I have Cherry  Tomatoes and Green Cucumber pieces on one side. And on the other I prepared Rava Upma/Semolina Savoury Porridge ( Recipe link⇒ Rava Upma / Semolina Savoury Porridge ) garnished with chopped coriander leaves. I prepared this in the morning and removed the nuts before packing the lunches (My kids go to a Nut-free school).
    Fresh Red Cherry Tomatoes and cucumber pieces for salad. Rava Upma / Semolina savoury porridge on the right as main.
  18. This lunch box has BellPepper-Sesame Curry (Recipe link⇒ Capsicum-Nuvvula Koora / Bell Pepper-Sesame Curry / Shimla Mirch-Til Sabzi) mixed with steamed rice. Both curry and rice are cooked separately, mixed and then topped with homemade ghee or butter. On the side I put clementine cuties.  If your kids would not prefer spicy food then, you can reduce/eliminate the spice in the curry.  Vegans can just eliminate the butter/ghee topping. 
    Clementine cuties for fruit. Steamed hot rice mixed with Capsicum – Sesame Seeds curry / Shimla Mirch – Til ki Sabzi and smeared with homemade ghee / butter.
  19. This lunch box has Capsicum – Lentil Fritters/ Bhajiya/ Punugulu (Recipe link⇒  Bell Pepper – Lentil Fritters / Capsicum Punugulu ) served with an Oil-Free healthy dip (Recipe link⇒ Mango Dip (Oil free) ) . Accompanied with cucumber slices and chopped iceberg lettuce. I prepared the batter previous night and fried them in the morning to pack.
    Capsicum – Lentil fritters / Punugulu with oil-free dip. Along with cucumber slices and lettuce.
  20. This lunch has Dosa/Crepe (Link⇒ Oil Free – Healthy Dosa / Without Oil Dosa) as the main with a chutney/dip (Link⇒ Beerapottu Pachchadi / RidgeGourd Peel Chutney) along with Baby carrots for salad. I prepared the batter previous night and made the Dosa/Crepe in the morning to pack.
    Oil-Free healthy dosa /savoury Indian pancakes with chutney. Baby carrots for salad.
  21. In this lunch box, the Main is Tamarind Rice (Link is here : Chinthapandu Pulihora / Tamarind Rice ) , Orange segments for fruit and for Vegan dessert (Link is here: Rava Kesari / Kesari Bath/ Semolina Pudding (without milk) ) The recipes have nuts, but removed them before packing the lunches (My kids go to a Nut-free school).
    Tamarind rice / Pulihora as main. Orange segments for fruit. Rava Kesari / Semolina pudding (without milk) for dessert.
  22. Mini Burgers with Veggies as main in the below lunch box. And has  SweetCorn-Pomegranate Salad / Kosambari salad as a side. Click the link for the salad recipe. My kids loved this yummy salad and of course the Veggie Burgers. 🙂 
    Simple burger bun filled with cheese slice, lettuce & cucumber. Sweetcorn & Pomegranate salad on the right.
  23. Couscous Upma / Savoury Meal as the main, half of an apple and Indian savoury/ murukulu. Click the link given, for the Couscous Upma/ Meal recipe. My kids loved this upma with the savoury & fruit.
    Couscous with veggies meal / upma as main. Apple wedges for fruit. Indian style savoury snack.
  24.  Potato Mash Curry /Aloo Tadka / Bangaladumpa Koora  as a side for Poori/ Puffed Indian bread. And mixed raisins for fruit. Click the link for the curry recipe. My kids loved this mild in spice Aloo/Potato Curry.  I prepared the dough for Poori/Puffed Indian bread, previous night and fried them in the morning to pack.
    Poori / Indian puffed bread on the right side with aloo sabzi / potato mash curry. Colourful mixed raisins for fruit.

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