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Bhojanam/Thali/Platter # 1

South Indian style No Onion - No Garlic bhojanam / full meal platter, can be made on stove top / in an Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker.

Recipe Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena

PrepTime:10 mins   CookTime:30 mins   Cuisine:India

“A family that eats together, stays together!!” I strongly believe in this famous phrase and even follow the same too! For these busy livelihood, its near to impossible, for the entire family to have at least one meal together. Hence, I make it a point that every Saturday / Sunday / both days my family sits together, and have the special lunch that I prepare. We all sit on floor, yes the proper Indian way of having a meal. My kids arrange the plates, crockery, I serve everyone, we chit-chat about different topics, laugh, fave fun (my husband’s fav way), share and eat!!  🙂 

Click each link below for its recipe with step wise pics & tips

This below platter has:  Sides: 1)Vankaya-Tomato Koora / Brinjal-Tomato Curry 2)Mudhdha Pappu / Plain Lentil Stew / Plain Dal 3) Mukkala Pulusu / Indian Vegetable Soup 4) Fresh Homemade Curds / Yogurt  Main: 1) Steamed White rice / Vedi Annam topped with homemade ghee / neyyi Condiment: 1) Munagaku Podi /  Moringa Leaves Chutney Powder 2) Handful of cucumber slices topped with red chilli powder 3) Papads  Dessert: None 

My Daily thali / platters⇒ Bhojanam / Thali / Meal Platter

My Festive Thali(s) / Platter(s)⇒  Vindhu Bhojanam / Festive Lunch

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Click each link below for its recipe with step wise pics & tips

Click each link below for its recipe with step wise pics & tips


This is a very simple, easy yet filling meal. The prep time of 10 mins is just for cutting the vegetables needed.

For plain rice, I mostly use my rice cooker. Its the first thing I start my cooking with.  Brinjal Curry / Vankaya Koora is a very quick recipe made on stove-top within 12-15 mins. Fried the papads also on stove-top.

 I cooked both Muddha Pappu & Mukkala Pulusu one after another, in my stove-top pressure cooker. Muddha pappu & mukkala pulsu is a match made in heaven….Its the best among the food combos of Telugu Veg Meals. 🙂  Any telugu(s) who love it? 🙂

I made the Moringa Leaves Chutney powder (rich in iron & fibre) last month. It stays good up to 3-4 months.

All items made simultaneously but attentively.🙂 Multi-tasking and using all gadgets available is the key.

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