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Being a typical South Indian, back home in India, homemade chutneys using mortar-pestle are quite common in our daily meal platter might be breakfast, lunch , snack or dinner. I do use my tiny little mortar-pestle which I purchased recently in IKEA, for small quantities.

But, for more quantities , I ought to use the blender/mixie. The taste of chutneys made with mortar-pestle is at least 50% more delicious when compared to the chutneys made in blender/mixie. But, something is better than  nothing! Right!

Do try these chutneys which I start to post frequently on this page and enjoy the exotic taste of Indian Chutneys. Do visit again for the next one in row. 🙂

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Click on each link below for its detailed recipe with stepwise pics & tips. 

Indian Chutney / Pachadi (21)

Yogurt Based / Raita / Dip (9)

International Dip / Spread / Sauce (8)

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