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Recipe Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena
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Kids Lunch Box Ideas & Recipes, is an everyday hunt for the parents who pack homemade lunches for kids school / picnics. 

I pack lunch & snack boxes for my 3 children everyday, with freshly, homemade recipes. Henceforth, I shall share few of them that I packed on different days.

Previouly, I posted 24 healthy kids lunch box, where I blogged only the packed lunches for lunch time. But, this page has boxes which I pack, includes individual box for lunch, snack and dip / chutney too.



Until last academic year, I used plastic snack boxes, but this year I discarded them, and bought these brand new steel snack boxes and dip / chutney boxes. These are very easy to pack,clean and are leak proof.

Amazon links for the 3 types of boxes, are below:

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  1. DAY # 1
  • Lunch Box: One side I packed slices of Yellow skinned melon / musk melon. On the other side I packed Air-fried arbi / taro root slices, which is full of carbs & does not need any major prep. (Recipe link⇒ Taro Root / Arbi / Colocasia / Chamadumpa Fry (Air-fryer, Stove-top) ). I pressure cooked the arbi / taro root the previous night. Left it at room temperature. But, air-fried in the morning with very little spice and then packed. Check the recipe link for stove top method. Homemade Papads on the top rack.
  • Chutney box has tomato sauce / ketchup as a dip for the fries.
  • Snack box has fresh pomegranate seeds, which I de-seeded the previous night and stored in fridge.
Kids Lunch Box Ideas & Recipes
Arbi / Taro Root / Colocasia Fries (air-fried) with tomato ketchup as dip, slices of fresh musk melon and homemade papads. Fresh Pomegranate seeds for snack.

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