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Hanuman Jayanthi Bhojanam/ Festive Platter

Recipes Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena

PrepTime:1 hr   CookTime:2 hrs   Cuisine:South Indian

Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated as a festival, marking the birthday of Lord Hanuman. It is celebrated throughout India, as specified by the panchangam/ calendar they follow (either lunar or solar). For the Telugu states, Vaisakha Bahula Dasami is Hanumajjayathi! 

About God Hanuman:

Sri Hanuman or Hanumanji or Bajrang Bali is a staunch devotee of Lord Sri Ramachandra, the incarnation of truth and virtue. He has been addressed by Sri Tulsidas as Ram Bhakta Shiromani, or the crest jewel of all the devotees of Sri Ram. He is addressed by various names like Pawana Putra, Anjaneya, Maruthi and Hanuman.

Therefore, Hanuman Jayanti is the pious day on which Sri Hanuman descended on earth in order to serve the purpose of his eternal master, Lord Ram. And he, being an unalloyed devotee of Sri Ram is revered by all Ram bhaktas.

How is Hanuman Jayanthi celebrated:

As per Indian tradition,there are specific food offerings made for each festival. VadaMaala, AppaalaMaala, RavaKesari, AakuPooja, AratiPanduMaala, RamaNaamaBhajana are some of the specificatiosn related to Lord Hanuman’s pooja. Aakupooja i.e. pooja with pan leaves which is considered as a unique way of pleasing Lord Hanuman.

As a child, I know my Mom making Vada Maala, i.e. a garland by joining the Gaarelu/ Vada(s)/ Lentil Fritters to Lord Hanuman on this auspicious day. Following the same, even I perform the same way every year.

Sharing with you, the nayivedyam (food offering) I prepared on this auspicious day.

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I prepared the above platter/bhojanam as an offering to God on the occasssion of this festival.

This thali / platter has : [Please click on each link for its detailed recipe with pics]






  • Banana (Hanumanji’s favourite)

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