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Minapa Sunnundalu / Urad Dal Laddoo

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Recipe Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena

PrepTime:2 mins   CookTime:15 mins   Cuisine:Indian

Minapa Sunnundalu / Urad dal laddoo recipe I am sharing below is one such instant Indian laddoo / sweet balls, that can be made with very few ingredients, effort and even lasts upto a 3-4 months when made & stored perfectly.

I can never forget those days when Amma (My mom) used to make these for us 4 (me & my siblings) as a special diet food when we were young. Even I make these, Minapa Sunnundalu / Urad dal laddoo frequently for my kids. 


Minapa Gundlu / Urad Gota / Black Lentils are the richest sources of protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, folic acid. Very high in fiber. Its also full of fat and carbohydrates. It is a complete healthy, nutritious package of good food for people of any age. (info from internet)

minapa sunnundalu / urad dal laddoo

Before starting to cook, don’t forget to see the Tips  mentioned at the end.

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minapa sunnundalu / urad dal laddoo


  • Minapa Gundlu / Urad Gota / Dal / Skinless Whole Black lentils – 1 cup
  • Sugar / Grated Jaggery – ¾ cup
  • Homemade Ghee / Melted Butter – ¼ cup
  • Whole Green Cardamom / Elaichi –  3

Special Ingredients:

  • Homemade Ghee / Melted Butter


  • Take a heavy bottomed pan/vessel, put it in stove top under low flame.
  • Add the Minapa Gundlu / Urad Dal / Skinless Whole Black lentils into the pan. Minapa Gundlu / Urad Gota / Lentils taken into frying pan
  • Dry roast by stirring continuously, until you get a pleasant aroma and the dal / lentils change the colour into light brown. Minapa Gundlu / Urad Gota / Lentils dry roasted until you get a pleasant aroma
  • Switch off the flame and let them cool completely.
  • In a blender/mixer, finely powder the sugar & cardamom pods together and transfer into a wide mixing bowl.
  • Now, take the roasted minapa gundlu / urad dal into the blender, finely powder and transfer it to the same mixing bowl. Powdered minapa gundlu/dal, sugar and cardamom / elaichi taken into wide mixing bowl
  • Using a dry spoon combine all the dry items in the mixing bowl.
  • Warm the ghee/butter, and start pouring the warm ghee into the mixing bowl slowly with a tablespoon.
  • Combine the mix thoroughly with the ghee, using your hands and shape the laddoos/balls as you pour the ghee/butter for enough consistency of getting a ball.Rolled up laddoos using homemade ghee / melted butter for binding
  • Arrange the shaped laddoos / balls in a wide plate /  sheet for them to dry. Done!!minapa sunnundalu / urad dal laddoo


  • Urad Gota / Whole Black lentils can also be used instead of  Urad Dal / Split Lentils. 
  • Vegans, can use coconut oil in the place of ghee / butter.
  • Keep stirring continuously while roasting, so that you dont burn the dal / lentils.
  • Be generous while using the ghee/butter.
  • You can use  jaggery/gud instead of sugar. I have used unrefined cane sugar. 
  • Store them in an air-tight container for longer shelf life.
  • These stay good upto a 2-3 months at room temperature.


  • Being nut-free & soft these, Minapa Sunnundalu / Urad dal laddoo can be served even to old-aged people, who do not have proper teeth.
  • My kids enjoy these laddoos even in their lunch box, when I pack them.

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