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Laddoo Recipes / Indian Energy Balls

Recipes Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena

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Laddoos are the most common dessert item any Indian can think of, instantly. As, laddoos are not a modern man’s creation, but they existed from ancient period. The round shaped sweet balls in different colours makes anyone tempt to grab one, and push it into the mouth to to satisfy the taste buds.

We can make N number of variations & combinations with laddoos. I always like to experiment with new combinations in making laddoos as my kids love them. My little son, loves laddoos, and whatever laddoo I make, he calls them as ‘Chota Bheem’ laddoo. 🙂 

Vegans will have to replace the homemade ghee with vegan melted butter / coconut oil.

laddoo recipes indian energy balls

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This page has 11 recipes of Indian Laddoos / Energy Balls suitable for any Indian festival / Celebration / Gathering / Daily purpose.

Vegans will have to replace the homemade ghee with vegan melted butter / coconut oil.

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