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Peanut Butter Energy Balls (Vegan, Instant)

Recipe Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena

PrepTime:2 mins   MakeTime:5 mins   Cuisine:English

Peanut butter energy balls (instant), my version of making quick & easy sweet treat where no cooking / baking is involved. Such a pleasure to make such instant recipes. Isn’t it !

I tried 2 different versions, one with powdered sugar and the other without sugar. Just check the ingredients!

My 2 daughters made these in June, on the occasion of Father’s day to show their love towards their Dad. And that card was made by my little son! 🙂 These energy balls, tasted just great that my Kids loved them too much!!

Health Benefits of ‘Peanut Butter Energy Balls’

Peanut butter is high in protein, edible fiber, calories and has essential fat too. Hemp seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Oats are great source of  anti-oxidants. These energy balls mainly suitable for kids, growing children and as a post work-out instant energy boosters for adults.

Before starting to cook, don’t forget to see the Tips mentioned at the end.

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peanut butter energy balls (instant)


  • Peanut Butter – 1 cup
  • Oats – 1 cup
  • Ground Flax / Flax Seed Powder – ½ cup
  • Hemp Seeds / Hemp Hearts – 1 tablespoon
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder – 1 (or) 2 teaspoons
  • Honey (or) Maple Syrup – 3 tablespoons
  • Powdered Sugar (or) Dairy Free Dark Chocolate – ½ cup

Special Ingredients:

  • Hemp Seeds / Hemp Hearts
  • Ground Flax / Flax Seed Powder

Procedure for ‘Peanut Butter Energy Balls’:

  • Take a wide mixing bowl.
  • Add each ingredient one after another.
  • Using a spatula, gently cut and fold everything, such that all the ingredients are combined well.
  • With a ice cream scoop / with a round tablespoon, make them into small balls.
  • Arrange them on a tray / plate.
  • Place the tray in the fridge for about 20 mins for the balls to harden a bit. Done!!
peanut butter energy balls (vegan)
All the ingredients taken into a wide mixing bowl, and combined well using a spatula
peanut butter energy balls (vegan)
Vegan Version of Energy Balls Made using Dairy Free Dark Chocolate & Maple Syrup
peanut butter energy balls (vegan)
Non-Vegan Version of Energy Balls Made from Honey & Maple Syrup
After taking them out of refrigerator


  • These are definite measurements, not much of adjustment is needed.
  • Store them in an air-tight container, in a cool dry place.
  • Best to consume would be, within the Best Before Use Day of Peanut Butter pack.


  • These, peanut butter energy balls (instant), tasted just great that my Kids & Hubby loved them too much!! 
  • While eating, do expect a tinge of salt, from the peanut butter.
  • After all there’s no cooking involved, that effortless feel do make them taste more good! 🙂
peanut butter energy balls (instant)

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