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Bhojanam / Thali / Platter # 7

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Recipes Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena

PrepTime:15 mins   CookTime:30 mins   Cuisine:Indian

This Bhojanam / Thali / Platter is a very simple one from Indian Cuisine. It has  Yellow Cucumber Dal / Pappu / Lentil Stew , Broccoli – Carrot Stir Fry as sides for Vedi Annam / Steamed White rice topped with homemade ghee / neyyi. Thin slices of Red Bell Pepper / Capsicum for salad and fresh green chilly as a condiment. And a cup of Chilled Homemade curds / yogurt

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I used my food processor for shredding the veggies. And I made the dal in my pressure cooker which takes just 10-12 mins. 

This platter forms a complete healthy meal. It comprises of Essential Carbs from the Rice. Protein from the Lentils of Dal. Very less oil used for making the Dal and Stir Fry. Fiber, Iron and additional health benefits from Broccoli & carrots. The Yogurt comes under ‘Eating Raw’ food.  🙂 

Click each link below for detailed recipe with stepwise pics & tips

bhojanam / thali / platter

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