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Bhojanam/Thali/Platter # 4

South Indian style No Onion - No Garlic bhojanam / 3 course full meal platter, can be made on stove top / in an Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker.

Recipes Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena

Prep Time:20 mins   CookTime:1 hr   Cuisine:Indian

Friends, here I’m sharing a full fledged 3 course meal platter / thali. Of course, from the Indian Cuisine. Generally, I make such platters only on special days / on weekends when I have proper attentive time. So last weekend I was able to make this platter & it has:

Salad: 1) Radish Lentil Salad / Kosambari  Sides: 1) Beetroot-Coconut Stir Fry / Curry / Beetroot – Kobbari Koora 2) Tomato Dal / Pappu (Andhra style)3) Fresh Homemade Curds / Yogurt  Main: 1) Steamed White rice / Vedi Annam topped with homemade ghee / neyyi 2) Whole wheat chapati / flat bread Condiment: 1) Spicy Red Chutney with Coconut 2) Mint Yogurt / Pudina Raita topped with green chilly  2)  Dessert: Oats & Almond Burfi 

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Click each link below for its details, recipes with step wise pics & tips

Click each link below for its details, recipes with step wise pics & tips

Tips & Plan to Follow:

This forms a complete healthy meal thali / platter with necessary Iron from Beetroot, Protein from Lentils, Carbs from Chapatis/Tortillas & Rice, Calcium from Raita/Yogurt, other minerals, anti-oxidants from the veggies.

Being a full length platter, it took me nearly 1 hr for cooking itself. 

I made the Beetroot Curry in the Instant Pot. Which took just 7-8 mins, from start to finish. Tomato Dal also is made in stove-top pressure cooker within 10 mins.

Used the blender to grated the coconut, both for the curry and the chutney. Used the same pan for making the tempering of salad, chutney, dal. The radish salad is so simple, just took 5 mins.

I used the food processor to chop the beetroot and to make the dough for chapati within 5 mins. Cooked the rice in rice cooker.

All items made simultaneously but attentively.🙂 Multi-tasking and using all gadgets available is the key.

Click each link below for its details, recipes with step wise pics & tips

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