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Makara Sankranthi Visesha Bhojanam / Festive Lunch – 2019

Recipe Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena

PrepTime:20 mins   CookTime:1.5 hour   Cuisine:Indian

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To me and my family, Makara Sankranthi / Pongal / Poush Sankranthi is the most joyous of all the festivals. Its a 4 day long festival, and the preparation commences from a week before. Which starts from house-cleaning, what toys to go on the BOMMALA KOLUVU (display of toys in an array), preparing the  festive goodies well before, to invite guests for PERANTAM (haldi-kumkum), what traditional dresses to wear, the RANGOLI, etc…. My daughters are double excited about few of these and my son above few other. 🙂 

My son’s birthday, comes a week before this festival. So after all that fun, starts this festive prep. Hence, I have 2 full consecutive busy weeks but I thoroughly enjoy!!!

This platter is a festive meal which is prepared on the same day and offered to the God during the special festive pooja. I truly enjoy cooking festive lunches, though there are few difficulties like bare footedly standing on the very cold kitchen flooring for long time. (We dont wear slippers while cooking, strictly during the festive days.) Which I dont sense while cooking as I am totally immersed, but later it does effect.

Anyhow, have a look at the below platter, just added few recipe links which I already have in the site, for others I shall add the recipes later.

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For the menu details see below and please click on each link for the detailed recipe.

South Indian Telugu Inti Shakhahaara Vindhu Bhojanam / South Indian  Vegetarian Festive Lunch Platter from Telugu Cuisine

This thali / platter has : [Please click on each link for the detailed recipe]







  • Banana

Close view of the platter

For the menu details see above and please click on each link for the detailed recipe.

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