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Veg Family Meal Spread

Weekend special Family Meal Spread with 3 course full meal, can be made on stove top / in an Air fryer.

Recipe Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena

PrepTime:20mins   CookTime:40 mins   Cuisine:Indian 

Though everybody in the family is at home, daily meals cannot be the same as weekend special meals. Isn’t it? Well, at least for us at home, its like, very busy weekdays just like the same pre-quarantine days. Busy with kids ONLINE school classes, after school “double” homework, WFH (work from home).. 

 Made this Veg Family Meal spread, over the weekend, just to cheer up my family, who were all exhausted with their work pressures. Its always so fun, to get everyone involved in cooking such family dinners. 🙂

Veg Family Meal Spread

This Veg Family Meal Spread includes : 

Drink / Entree: Papaya Lassi   Salad:  Lettuce cups with no-cook instant salad  Main:  Chinese Stir Fry Veg & Noodles  Dessert: Apricot Cobbler / Crumble with Ice Cream.

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Click each link below for recipes with step wise pics & tips 

Veg Family Meal Spread

Click each link below for recipes with step wise pics & tips:

Tips & Plan to follow:

In this spread, the time consuming dish is the dessert (cobbler / crumble). That’s baked by my elder daughter. She loves to bake, and keeps baking regularly, on a weekly basis. The cobbler recipe that I blogged before, has blueberry in it. But, this spread has the same cobbler but used apricots instead. Tasted awesome, with some chilled ice cream.  The ice cream is missing on the table, its in the fridge!

Chopping of veggies is done by my younger daughter. I used the air-fryer for frying the veggies, which makes it easy. Simultaneously boiled the noodles on stove-top. The chilled Lassi /  drink and lettuce cups are no-cook recipes. Made within 10 mins. While all these were being done, the dessert was out of the oven. Its expected to be eaten warm, so all set ready to eat! Ta da! 

Multi-tasking and using the gadgets appropriately is the key. All made simultaneously but attentively.🙂 

Veg Family Meal Spread


Click each link below for recipes with step wise pics & tips:

Veg Family Meal Spread

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