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Simple South Indian Festive Thali

South Indian traditional style simple meal platter, without using Onion & Garlic, made during the month of 'Shravanam'!

Recipes Cooked, Photographed and Written by Praveena

PrepTime: 20 mins   CookTime:1 hr   Cuisine:South Indian

Simple South Indian Festive Thali, that I prepared during this Sravana Pournami. Which is the 15th day of the month of SHRAAVAN as per Hindu Calendar.Mostly falls during the month of August as per English calendar.

Importance of ‘Shravana Pournami’:

Though the entire month is considered auspicious, but this particular day is the best of all, because of more than one occasions falling on.

  • First and foremost is, the boys of the Hindu Brahmin Community start  seeking their vedic studies from a Guru, at his Gurukul.
  • Men and Boys who have already got their upanayanam (traditional sacred thread ceremony) done, do replace the thread with a new one.
  • Raksha bandhan,  the most happening festival, in North India, also falls on this day. Now-a-days this festive spirit spread to the South as well. On this day, sisters tie a sacred thread to the wrist, to each & every brother of their family. Which signifies a promise made, to love, care and support each other.
  • And personally, it’s our marriage anniversary on this day. And so it makes us feel even more special for a celebration.

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Simple South Indian Festive Thali

I prepared the above simple platter / bhojanam as an offering to the Gods & Goddesses on the occassion of this festival.

DETAILS of ‘Simple South Indian Festive Thali’:

This, Simple South Indian Festive Thali, has : [Please click on each link for its detailed recipe with step wise pics, tips & health benefits.]


(According to ayurveda this powder when mixed with steamed hot rice and homemade ghee / butter, serves as a perfect starter. This guides for proper intake and digestion of food.)





  • Fresh Curd / Yogurt (homemade)

DESSERT: (I have used green food colour for this platter)


  • Fresh fruit, Peach wedges
Simple South Indian Festive Thali

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  1. Pure vegeterian thali…ji..not a simple thali..its healthiest so delicacyyy tastiest traditional vegeterian thaali jiπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

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